Nothing is secure if you’re not aware of your entire area. The size of our security holes are enormous. In combat, you jeopardize your entire unit being over-run and wiped out. The size of the security gap is directly proportional to the time it takes for the enemy to destroy you. The gap on our border is enormous both physically and economically, and it has caused incredible damage to our country and Texas. These gaps have to be filled. We now have a President who will protect our sovereignty. The leaders of Texas must take immediate and aggressive action to protect our citizens. We can and should secure the borders. Take every penny of funding away from sanctuary cities. Enforce all immigration laws. Cut off all tax dollars going to illegal aliens.

Property Taxes

When do you ever get to own your land? When you’re retired, your taxes get frozen, but as long as you’re still paying to keep it, do you really own it? Often times as we get older, our health naturally diminishes taking with it a good portion of our income to the point where some Texans are losing their homes. I hate owing anything to anyone, it just irks me! The normal, average Texan shouldn’t have to pay a tax for the privilege of living in a house. I’ve paid my father-in laws property taxes for years, so initially, I would love to abolish all property taxes. But I realize that that would mean a diminished police and fire fighting force. I support the lowest, smartest, and leanest property taxes that meet the needs of appropriate communities.

Family Values

From our nation’s inception up to the founding, Christian values have prevailed. Our forefathers and founding fathers knew that the strength of the family would inevitably form a strong and prosperous nation. I believe the family provides the best chance for children to develop and succeed. I believe in one husband and one wife for life. I believe that the current welfare system is destroying families by replacing parents with a government handout, and this government dependency is completely out of control. Abortion is polluting the soul of our nation by demeaning the most innocent, the unborn. I have been, and will always be, very vocal about the devastating effects of abortion on the unborn and the mothers falsely convinced that killing the unborn is a choice.

Role Of Government

“That government is best which governs the least, because it’s people discipline themselves.” It was true in Thomas Jefferson’s time, and it is still true today. It was once explained to me that power properly managed is like river that stays within its banks. It can be beautiful, useful and a great resource. But when power oversteps its boundaries, very much like a river, it can be extremely dangerous and destructive to life and property. Our federal government has breached its banks a long time ago. It is time for Texas to start setting the example for the rest of the nation on keeping the power of government within its boundaries.

2nd Amendment:

It is simply a proven fact: the more guns, the less crime! There was a time when Americans were not scared of guns. I remember gun racks hanging in the back windows of pickup trucks. I remember kids taken out of school on the first day of hunting season. Public schools used to teach gun safety to their students. Texans should not have to pay to practice their Constitutional and God-given right. This is absolutely absurd. This is the right that protects all the others. I am a strong believer in Constitutional Carry. If you can legally own a gun, you should be able to legally carry it. This may seem scary to some people, but it is more scarier to a criminal.

TollRoads and Red Light Cameras

I absolutely hate toll roads and red light cameras. Toll roads are a tax on the average Texan. And what bothers me the most is contracting with a Spanish company to build toll infrastructure. On red light cameras, I’m with the party platform; they need to go!